Marymount Kindergarten held their annual Teachers’ Day celebrations on 30th August 2018.  What we teachers did not know was that this year we were in for a surprise!

Our Principal, Ms Ng started the celebrations with a little prayer.  She reminded the students that there were other people, in the kindergarten who played an important role in their well-being.  Ms Tan Poh Cheng, Mr Desmond, Ms Ros, Miss Dorothy and Ms Beatrice were introduced to the children.  Ms Ng told the children that they were the people who were working quietly behind the scenes to ensure the children’s well-being.

A slide show was followed by the children’s performance.  Each level sang songs and it was followed by performances by some of our talented children.  The jazz dance by Charlotte Ng of Courage 1 was well-received; as was the piece by Andrei, our resident violinist.  The other performers were also well received by their classmates and the teachers were bursting with pride as they saw their children performing.

The children played Santa on this day.  They arrived with cards and gifts for their teachers.  These gifts were presented with lots of hugs and kisses.

Our Parents Support Group (PSG), headed by Mrs Chan had planned a wonderful program for the teachers.  We were treated to a concert performed by our talented children.  We also had a piano recital by Ignatius Gunawan, a former pupil of Marymount .  Ms Alison Chan, another former student of Marymount played M.C. for the afternoon.  Mrs Chan had not forgotten our stomach s and we were treated to a wonderful buffet.  The Parents Support Group had also thoughtfully prepared a personalised gift bag for all the teachers.

What touched our hearts was the thoughtfulness of our parent volunteers.  This kind act of theirs attested to the fact that they value us as teachers and partners in educating their children.

Teachers’ Day 2018 was a memorable day for us.  This day acknowledged our hard work and dedication towards the children.  The support given to us, teachers by our PSG was an invaluable lift to our spirits.

Thank you Mrs Chan and our PSG.  God bless all of you.

Written by Mrs Shanthi, Form Teacher-Zeal Class