Our programme is organized around thematic units. During each term, our children work with a specific theme which generally pertains to their life experiences and interests. By selecting topics of high interest to children, the opportunities for active involvement in the process of learning are increased.

The thematic approach integrates activities in language arts, social studies, creative dramatics, music, art, science, math, or any combination of these. All children will explore the selected themes in both English and Chinese languages.

At Marymount Preschool, we believe that young children generally have a strong disposition to explore and discover. As such, our Nursery, K1 and K2 children engage with project work one term in a year. Children and teachers embark on exciting projects with interesting themes like Snails, Rain, Mango, Maize and Sunflowers.

This approach helps build natural curiosity, enabling children to interact, question, connect, problem-solve, communicate and reflect. The level of engagement is thus high and children feel empowered to decide on their own learning and many creative and innovative ideas are derived. The teacher acts as a facilitator as she guides the children to find answers to their questions.

Learning at Marymount Preschool is not confined to the classrooms. Field trips are organized twice a year to extend children’s knowledge and understanding in the selected theme. We inspire our children to learn through fun. At Marymount Preschool, we believe that experiential learning aids the children’s development both intellectually and emotionally.

As such, during the year, the children visit places such as the Singapore Changi Airport, Kids Amaze, Singapore Chinese Garden, SEA Aquarium, Butterfly Park, etc.

Teachers develop each child’s portfolio, collecting work samples, observing and assessing children’s development during the year. The progress is shared with parents during the twice yearly Parent-Teacher Conference Every child’s development progress is tracked and carefully documented in 6 specific learning areas:

  • Aesthetics and Creative Expression
  • Discovery of the World
  • Language and Literacy
  • Motor Skills Development
  • Numeracy
  • Social and Emotional Development

Under the Pure Chinese Programme (PCP) children in the Pre-Nursery and Nursery classes will be taught all 6 domains in Chinese. Yes! This means they are exposed to 3 hours of intensive Chinese daily.

Our Approach

The curriculum and lessons are developed using ECDA’s Early Years Development Framework. At the Pre- Nursery level, the emphasis is to create and generate interest and love for the Chinese language through listening and speaking.

Our Curriculum

All 6 domains according to the Early Years Development Framework, namely

  • Language & Literacy
  • Numeracy
  • Discovery of the World
  • Social Emotional Development
  • Aesthetics and Creative Expression
  • Motor Skills Development

The Pure Chinese Programme open to both Pre-Nursery and Nursery classes.

Who Will Benefit

Parents with children from English speaking environment can now opt to enrol their pre-schoolers in the Pure Chinese Programme. However, once enrolled, parents must commit to 1 year of PCP. Parents can opt to continue another year of PCP in Nursery. From K1 onwards, all children will be placed in the regular bilingual class.

Feedback from Parents

Parents are impressed with the Pure Chinese Programme and how their children started communicating in Chinese and even reciting Tang poetry, idioms and singing Chinese songs

玛丽蒙幼稚园 PN 与 N 年段的华文班课程以纯华 文教学,孩子们在校 3 个小时的 6 大学习领域活 动全部以华文为教学媒介。我们不单把华文当成 一门课,而是让孩子们沉浸在轻松、愉快的华语 环境里,从小习惯听说标准华语。


我们的课程按照新加坡幼儿培育署(ECDA)学 前华文教学指南而设计。研究显示,学习语言的 最佳年龄是 0 至 3 岁。此年龄层的幼童对语言学 习特别敏感,接受能力很强。此课程为孩子们营 造良好的华语学习环境,提供他们练习和运用华 语的机会。


根据新加坡幼儿培育署(ECDA)学前华文教学 指南所示,6 大学习领域分别如下——

  • 语言与读写能力
  • 数概念与计算能力
  • 审美能力与创意表达
  • 环境意识
  • 动作与运动技能
  • 自我意识及社会意识

2018 纯华文班

由于 2017 年 PN 纯华文班受到家长们的大力支 持与欢迎,我们决定在 2018 年继续开办 PN 纯 华文班,并增设 N 年段纯华文班以满足幼儿及 家长们的需求。


现在,更多来自讲英语家庭的孩子将受益。家 长们可以选择为孩子报名参加纯华文班。一旦 入学,孩子们须完成1 年的课程以最大化他们的 学习。PN 家长可以选择让孩子继续升上 N 年段 纯华文班,也可以选择只参加1 年的纯华文班。 从 K1 开始,所有的孩子将被安排进入双语班学 习。我们希望孩子们长大后能够在双语、双文 化世界游走自如,而不是将华语当成一门刻意 思考才能表达的语言。



Looking for a “PLAYGROUP” First Learning Experience for your precious child…Marymount Preschool has the answer.”
Our Playgroup Programme caters to your child’s learning needs as he starts his first learning journey.

  • How does our Playgroup Programme benefit your child?
  • Develop an awareness of personal identity
  • Develop listening skills
  • Develop a positive attitude towards the world around them.
  • Manage their own emotions and behaviours.
  • Use actions or speak to convey meaning and communicate with others.

Classroom Design and Outdoor Environment

We provide a conducive environment which ensures that your child has a holistic development in the six learning areas. Our experienced and caring teachers will engage your child through meaningfully hands-on activities and purposeful play.

  • A conducive classroom that is specifically designed based on themes and equipped with age
    appropriate materials and toys.
  • An indoor gym for young children to develop self confidence, fine and gross motor skills.
  • Outdoor water and sand play.

Our curriculum

Our curriculum focus on four different themes over a year that are closest to the heart of the children.

  • Children are exposed to a wide range of age appropriate materials to explore in language and literacy, numeracy or aesthetics and creative expression areas.
  • Motor Skills Development is enhanced through indoor and outdoor activities.
  • Discovery of the world is enhanced through simple science experiences.
  • Social and emotional development is developed during the course of play and interaction with peers.

Enrichment Programmes