19 Mar2019April 24, 2019


“Papa”, “Mama”, “Outside”, these were some of the words that the teachers of Marymount Kindergarten could hear from the Lily’s classroom. I glanced around the class and noticed the classroom was filled with little ones who were fiddling with toys or little ones bursting out in tears. This was Marymount Kindergarten’s first batch of playgroup...

19 Mar2019March 19, 2019

K2 Curriculum Briefing for Parents 2019

To let parents have a better understanding of our K2 curriculum, Marymount Kindergarten organised a parents’ briefing on 2nd March 2019. Ms Marie Rose Ng, our principal warmly welcomed our guest speaker, Mr Wilbur Wong, principal of Monfort Junior School, Ms Tan Poh Cheng, our Executive Director and parents, After the opening prayer by Ms...

14 Mar2019April 24, 2019


在第一个学期里,学校安排K2的幼儿前往大巴窑八巷的洗肾中心探望肾病患者。 K2的幼儿分别在不同的时间,在班级老师和两位家长的带领下,高高兴兴地前往洗肾中心探望肾病患者。幼儿把自己亲手制作的花朵和卡片献给正在洗肾的患者,同时也为他们呈现了精彩的歌舞等表演,患者对我们的探访感到欣慰。 通过这个活动,幼儿们看到了肾病患者痛苦的洗肾过程,知道要爱护自己的肾脏,懂得健康的饮食习惯与身体健康之间的重要关系,初步建立了健康饮食的意识,为幼儿今后的健康人生打下了重要的基础。此外,此活动不但凸显了幼儿的爱心与同情心,也培养了其关爱他人的情感! 姚老师  

01 Mar2019April 24, 2019

Fire Prevention Talk 2019

The topic for the weekly assembly on 13th February 2019 was on Fire Prevention. The children were asked whether they understood the word ‘Prevention”. A child mentioned “to stop fire”. The children were then shown a video with different scenarios of children who did not realize that their actions of playing with fire or candles...