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PSG Chairperson’s Message

Welcome to Marymount Preschool’s Parent Support Group (PSG)! The PSG is set up to positively support its teachers and various activities and events that the school plans for every year. We aim to create and facilitate collaborations and partnerships between the parents and the school, so that together, we can provide the best learning experience and environment for our children. Being involved in our children’s school activities, our parent volunteers have the wonderful experience of sharing and enjoying the precious moments of our children’s growing up years.

Walk with us and join our pool of volunteers who are motivated by our love for the children. For those who are interested, please click here to register.

Mrs Marlina Kong
PSG Chairperson


Code of Conduct For Parent Volunteers (PVs)

  • PVs should always be prepared to serve all children irrespective of class assigned

  • PVs may NOT be assigned to the class which their children are in

  • PVs should be ready and willing to help out in a different class or area than the one assigned on the day of an activity should there be unforeseen circumstances

  • PVs should always be impartial and fair in their dealings with the children

  • PVs should inform the level representative asap should they be unable to fulfil their commitment

Regular Activities

  • Weekly Swimming
  • Monthly Storytelling
  • Once a term teaching
  • Self-Help skills
  • Field Trips

Festive and Special Events

Help is always needed with the planning and logistics of events such as Chinese New Year
Celebrations, Teacher’s Day celebrations, Lantern night etc.

It started off very rocky – child was crying a lot but he has grown a lot and gotten used to school over this year. He loves his teachers.

Parent of Lucas Ngoh, Tulip 2

A very positive and encouraging experience, boosting her confidence and learning abilities.

Parent of Celeste Yap, Lily 2

It has been a wonderful experience for him for the past 2 years. I have seen great improvement in him academically and non-academically.

Parent of Jun Hao, Carnation 2

Alexis has shown good progress over the past 1 year. We are very glad that we have made the right choice by choosing Marymount Kindergarten.

Parent of Alexis Koh, Orchid 2

A happy and loving environment. He’s a confident child and I think the teachers had a big part to play in this.

Parent of Christopher Khoo, Peace 1

Very positive. She enjoys going to school and the curriculum contributes to her development.

Parent of Kirsten, Joy 1

It’s a joy when she wants to school everyday even on a weekend.

Parent of Chloe, Grace 1

Fabulous and enriching. My child will always look back to her preschool years with fond memories.

Parent of Adelle Tan, Grace 1