28 Apr2021April 28, 2021

2021 K1 Term 2 Field Trip

出游活动—Kids Stop K1年段的小朋友们带着兴奋的心情出发到Kids Stop游玩。   抵达后,小朋友们先由工作人员带领,走进课室听讲解员讲解关于建筑师和化学家这两个职业的工作性质及特征等,并引导他们参与建造活动和体验化学实验的乐趣。最后还分组进行了不同的活动:到超市学买东西;体验当飞行员;寻找恐龙的骨骼等等。   此次的出游活动不但强化了小朋友们在课堂所学的知识,提高了其学习技能,   Written by: 严老师(K1)    

09 Apr2021April 9, 2021

2021 Holy Week

Holy Week Our Lent journey started on Ash Wednesday 17th of February and ended with Holy Week. It is the most important celebration in Christianity.   During this week, we have been relating the story of Jesus.   Ash Wednesday the teachers shared with the children how the dried palm leaves gotten from the church...