25 Jul2018April 26, 2019

Racial Harmony Celebrations 2018

On the 18th July 2018, Marymount Kindergarten witnessed a pool of children dressed in their ethnic costumes, comprising of a mixture of Cheongsams, Saris, Baju Kurongs, Dhoti Kurtas and the Kebayas. In addition to that, we had children who also donned themselves in Kimonos or even Hanboks! What a beautiful sight, as the Kindergarten celebrated...

13 Jul2018October 2, 2018

K2 Camp 2018

This year’s annual K2 camp was very different from previous years. We had our stay-in camp at Boys’ Town Adventure Centre. Unlike previous years where we would sleep in the school hall, we had to get used to the idea of sleeping at Boys’ Town. Presumably, many parents were anxious with regards to this arrangement...