The children in Marymount are always indulged in fun filled activities, where they enjoy and learn at the same time. Every term, they are exposed to different themes to gain knowledge and have a deeper understanding on the world around them. In term 3, the children had an exciting learning experience as they became more aware of the three most interesting tourist places in Singapore. The three classes learnt more about ‘Underwater World/Sea Aquarium, Zoo and Bird Park.’ They also shared their favourite local food, when they touched on the topic about the Food Court.’
Each class chose one interesting tourist place to focus on. The children practiced the songs, planned for their group art and craft items on animal and local food, as well as designing entrance tickets to these places of interest. They also chose the different roles (presenter, ticket seller, ticket collector, tourist guides and ushers) that they will do on the presentation day. Before the term ended, the theme project concluded with a culminating activity. Each class had the chance to do a show and tell in front of the K1 teachers and friends. They also saw up-close art and craft animal and food items made by the children from the other classes.

The entire activity was indeed an enriching one for the children. They learnt the values of sharing, taking turns and teamwork. The children also showed inventiveness and care for the environment as they used recycled materials in making their art and craft projects.

Written by Miss Jennylyn