Teachers and parents need to appreciate that learning is not an isolated practice nor it is only content knowledge and subject-based. It is about a whole –child concept. The whole child concept emphasises the complete integration of cognitive, emotional, moral, social and physical capabilities which play can cater to.

Play is voluntary, meaningful, symbolic, rule-governed, pleasurable and episodic. Play does not provide a concrete, tangible, or academic end product that can be displayed to parents. It is not teacher-directed. A creative play programme is one that leans heavily on the development of movement in relation to what children learn(space), overall development rather than isolated parts of it and creative environments in which both children and adults are encouraged to explore, imagine, invent, innovate, express feelings, display emotions and above all – enjoy life.

Through play, children will also be equipped with skills and values that will serve them throughout their life, such as survival skills, communication skills, civil and community values. It is the responsibilities of the teachers and parents to provide the children with a solid foundation such that their quest for learning and acquiring of knowledge will continue as they grow.

Having understood the importance of play, we have embedded these benefits into our curriculum.  Our Pre-Nursery children are constantly engaging themselves in meaningful and purposeful play.  They are free to imagine when constructing their building structures in the block centre.  During dramatic play, they take different roles and immensely enjoying each other’s company. Sensorial play with sand and water also helps to build language, social and dramatic play skills as the children negotiate with one another to share tools, create stories and build dialogues.

In Marymount Kindergarten, we aim to provide a place where learning is made fun and meaningful for all children. Special attention is provided to the Pre-Nursery children who may have their first pre-schooling experience with us.