P1 English and Chinese Prep Programme


The MasterHand P1 English Prep Course is especially designed for K2 students and aims to prepare them for all aspects of P1 English. Each weekly workshop runs for 2.5 hours and features three core modules:

  • MODULE 1: Phonics & Reading
  • MODULE 2: Comprehension & Spellings
  • MODULE 3: Picture Composition Writing with Punctuation Practice

A set of phonics readers (4 books per term) are supplemented to support the language learning and ensure students cover the major sounds and spellings required to reach reading fluency, such as vowel digraphs, trigraph sounds, diphthongs as well as consonant digraphs and beginning and ending blends. Workshop games using flashcards are integrated to engage learners and support their memorization of words families and phonics rules.

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