Every year the K1 children are exposed to theme projects and activities that heighten their interest to gain knowledge about the world they live in. Children are curious and want to explore the things around them. To adhere to the school’s innovative call, the K1 teachers and children are embarking on an exciting and responsive call to nature this year. The K1 children will have a project on ‘Water Conservation’. The duration of the project will be for 6 months (term 3 to 4). The project aims to enable children to understand the importance of water, on how to be ambassadors and exhibit ways in conserving water. Children will be exposed to different fun-filled and discovery stimulating activities for them to be aware of the essential use of water on earth and how to save it for the future. Teachers, children and also parents will be involved in the said project. In doing this innovative project, the kindergarten is geared towards holistic learning of the child, not only focusing on academics but also on being socially and environmentally aware about the world they live in.