Adventurous Learning Journey of Nursery Children at Marymount Flower Garden

Our Nursery level has been selected to participate in this year’s Innovation  Guidance Project organised by Early Childhood and Development Agency (ECDA).

This project  is about “Flowers”, the teachers had carefully planned  variety of hands on activities to encourage the children to appreciate and understand the importance of flowers  and it’s uses. Not only that, as the project is about flowers, we are collaborating with gardens by the Bay too.

Here are some of the weekly highlights of the activities  that has been carried out…

 Week 1

Introduction informing children that they will be doing a project about “Flowers”. Children were given the choice to choose the flowers they like, Sunflower,  Orchid, Jasmine, Rose. Children pasted their name under their favourite flower and they were named by that flower group. Children coloured the flowers in their favourite colour. Children used their coloured flower to sing a song title” Sing a song of flowers”.

Week 2

A Garden shelter was constructed.  Potted flowers of Roses, Jasmines, Orchids and Sunflowers was bought and was set up according to the classes and was labelled.

Children were brought to the garden shelter to observe the plants, the colour of the flowers, to count the number of flowers and the buds. All their findings was recorded by our parent volunteers, who helped us on  our project day. E-story title” Roots to Flower” was played for the children.

 Week 3  Book Mark making Activity

 Children were given the fresh flowers such as  orchid flowers, jasmine flowers, sunflowers and rose flowers. Children using their senses explored the flowers. They then withered the petals of those flowers.

Children used different  types of flower petals to make their own “Book Mark “.

Week  4  Jasmine Oil making Activity

Children were given fresh jasmine flower, they then dried the jasmines under the sun for 2 days.

On their project day, children used nonstandard measuring tools to measure the weight of 1 cup of fresh jasmine flowers.

Children used nonstandard measuring tools to measure the weight of 1 cup of dried jasmine flowers. They discovered that the fresh jasmine flowers are heavier than the dried jasmine flowers.

Children transferred the dried jasmine flowers into a bottle and added some baby oil to it until the flowers are submerged into the oil. After few days the bottle of jasmine oil was ready, the children used the syringe to draw the oil from the bottle and transferred into a small 2ml bottle and then packed it into a small pouch.

Week 5  Gardens by the Bay field trip Pre- Activity

Children were introduced to different types of orchids and it’s uses and parts of an orchid flower using multimedia.

A song about orchid flower “I am a flower so rare”. Children enjoyed singing with actions. Played a feely bag colour game.

Children painted the big paper plates with colours of red, pink, purple, yellow, green and black.

Children pasted the colour name on the small paper plates, which will be pinned together with the painted big paper plate as a spinning wheel.


Week 6 Activity at the Gardens by the Bay

Activity 1

Children visited the “Flower Dome”, there they were sent to the area where they can do their activity. Children enjoyed this activity as they were very excited to see the colour of an orchid flower and they spin the paper plate and matched the colour to it’s colour name and marked a tick accordingly. They were able to count the number of coloured orchids they saw and circled the number too correctly.

Activity 2

Each child was given an activity book, the teachers placed an orchid flower in a plate and a rose flower in a plate. Then the teacher withered the petals of both the flowers.

Children observed and circled the word more petals for rose flower and less petals for orchid flower. They were able to visualise and compare.

Post Activity

The following Monday, when the children came back to school, they completed the post activity found in the activity booklet.

Children coloured the flowers….

Children drew pictures of what they have seen during the field trip at the Gardens by the Bay.

A Garden Adventure 3