Dear Parents,

We believe that every child who experiences the learning journey in Marymount Preschool stands out as a confident, unique individual with a strong foundation for primary school and values.

We engage children holistically by nurturing their social, emotional, intellectual and physical development. Our comprehensive and integrated curriculum together with quality interaction between the teachers and children enable children to enjoy the learning.  Our play-based programme is one that the children have fun in their learning.

Our curriculum is specially designed with hands on activities, engaging children in project work and collaboration with the community. Learning goes beyond classrooms with ample opportunities to explore, experiment and discover. Our faith-based education also builds a foundation of gospel values among children.

Our teachers are highly-skilled and passionate professional and wholly committed to forming a successful partnership with all children and families.

As the saying “It takes a village”, we look forward to working in collaboration with you to educate your child holistically

Mrs Sumathy