The theme for the Nursery level Term 3 Curriculum was All about Plants.  The children learnt about parts of a plant and what is required for a plant to grow.  We talked about a great variety of fruits and vegetables, and identified different types of vegetables – Root, Stem, Leaf Vegetables.

It was a superb learning journey for the children at the Kok Fah Farm.  The detailed farm tour offered a chance for the children to experience Hydroponic Transplanting of seedlings.  During the Sensorial Learning, the children used their five senses to explore the greenhouse, smelling of herbs, listening to the trickling of water through the systems and feeling of the soil replacement.

The Aloe Vera Demonstration was an eye opener as we were shown how Aloe Vera are grown and the children were thrilled to feel the slime.

As a takeaway, the children attempted potting activity at the farm and brought home their very own plant!  The seeds will continue to grow under the care of the little hands at home and the children could harvest and consume the plant as salad eventually.

The Field Trip served as a good recap of what children had learnt in class.

Written by: Ms Rachael (N)