The theme for the Nursery level Term 2 Curriculum was all about Wild and Endangered Animals.  The children were excited when we talked about lions, tigers, elephants, etc.  They shared what they know about these animals and were awed to learn new knowledge about them.

As a grand finale to the term, we embarked on a thrilling journey to the zoo!  The children ‘Ooohhh…’ and ‘Wow…’ as they spotted the animals right before their eyes.

We were delighted to meet the Giraffes, Rhinoceros, Zebras, etc., and we were fortunate to spot the Orangutans, too!  We heard the elephants trumpeting, monkeys swinging among the trees and pelicans gulping down their food!

Mid-morning, we settle down for a splendid show at the Splash Safari and the performance by the Sea Lion made us giggled so hard, especially when it mischievously splashed water towards the audience.

We took a tram ride for a final round through the zoo before we bid farewell to the animals.  It was a tiring but meaning trip for our children as we reminded ourselves that these are the beautiful creatures God had created for us to admire, love, and to protect.

Written by: Ms Rachael (N)