The K2 teachers planned a day camp filled with new and exciting activities for the K2 children on the last day of the June Holiday Program. Safe to say, it was the most unforgettable and the best day yet of their last year in Marymount Preschool.

The Fantastic Day Camp was proposed by the Principal and the K2 teachers after the easing of restrictions due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The teachers were very thrilled to finally have all the K2 children together as a whole.

The Fantastic Day Camp started off with a tour led by our guide, Ms. Christine, and her team around Fort Siloso. We climbed and walked along the Skywalk overlooking an historic fort and Singapore city. The treetop is a whopping 11-storeys above the ground!

Ms Christine then brought us on a History Walk to learn about the Japanese Occupation in Singapore during WW2. There were real-life statues of soldiers and big guns. When we took a round in one of the exhibitions, we felt sorry for the people who lived in Singapore at that time. After the stroll under the hot sun, we finally made our way back to school.

We ate our lunch and cleaned ourselves up for the second half of the day camp. The children were split into their respective classes and took turns to participate in the 3 afternoon activities. There was an Egg Experiment conducted by Ms Lyn. The children were given an array of choices from salt to plastic straws to make their eggs stand upright.

They did baking with Ms Ting Ting. The children added and stirred ingredients together to make delicious chocolate muffins. Each of them brought home 2 pieces to share with their families.

Team building games were held at the hall by Mrs Choong and Ms Yoges. The children worked together to move and stack cups. They also completed an obstacle course that required varied skills.

The children then gathered in the hall for the long-awaited campfire and BBQ party. They sang and danced together. Many of them even get to know more about their friends. They then ate the food from the BBQ and roasted some marshmallows. The children had a blast eating together and the excitement could be felt in the air.

This event will be etched forever in their mind and hearts.

Written by: Ms Ting Ting(K2)