Marymount Preschool organized this special briefing for K2 parents to have a better idea of how they can prepare their child to have smooth transition to Primary 1. We had this briefing on 4th March 2022. Mrs Sumathy, our principal warmly welcomed our guest speaker, Ms Eugenie Tan, principal of Canossa Catholic Primary School, Ms Tan Poh Cheng, our Executive Director, teachers and the parents.


Our guest speaker, Ms Eugenie Tan shared clear and concise guidelines on how parents can support and guide their children in their transition to Primary 1. She highlighted some crucial skills and attitudes for a happy start to school and for lifelong learning. She mentioned that the children must develop independence and confidence; they should be able to express their needs and wants.


She gave some examples of how these skills could be taught. She shared that the child must not be afraid to ask questions or clarify things when in doubt and to be confident and independent.  She suggested that parents should allow and give opportunity for their children to buy and pay for their own food so they to learn how to count money and check if they have received the correct change. Ms Eugenie Tan also shared with parents about the timeline of the different phases for the Primary 1 Registration Exercise. She emphasized the essential do‘s and don’ts that parents should take note when choosing suitable primary schools for their children.


She also shared some very useful tips when buying school materials for their child like bags, pencil case, erasers even using tablet instead of laptop, headphones for online classes.


The K2 English teachers, Ms Lyn, Mrs Choong and Ms Ting Ting shared in detail the six different learning areas (Language and Literacy, Numeracy, Aesthetics and Creative Expression, Motor Skills, Social and Emotional and Discovery Skills) and how these domains are integrated to ensure the children’s progress. Zhang Lao Shi, our vice principal, elaborated on the four learning areas for the Chinese Language (reading, writing, listening and speaking skills). She described how the Chinese language program can prepare the children in the transition to primary school. Comparisons between the Kindergarten 2 and Primary 1 curricula were shown to the parents for both the English and Chinese programs. This would have given parents a clear outline of how we prepare the children for the transition.


We would like to share some feedback from the parents, from Lauren Seah’s parent, “The session has been very helpful.” Gianna Ng Toh’s parent said, “The presentation is clear. The content is excellent. Luke Tang’s parent said, “Heartened to learn about their progress and that no child is left behind.”


Written by: Ms Lyn (K2)