The playgroup program at Marymount Preschool involves both indoor and outdoor learning. Through the course of well carved out lessons, the children acquire an array of knowledge in the six developmental areas – Aesthetic and Creative Expression, Language and Literacy, Numeracy, Discovery of The World, Social and Emotional Development and Motor Skill Development.


Children who attend the full day programme are engaged in hands-on experiences through science experiments conducted weekly and cookery lessons once a month.


In 2021, despite changing restrictions, both physical and online lessons were adjusted to allow children to continue learning. Regardless of the mode of learning, lessons were tailored to the children’s interest. The themes for term 1 to 4 are The Shopping Mall, The Park, The Restaurant and The Beach respectively. Across the 4 terms, there were fun filled and intentionally planned activities to engage the children meaningfully.


Values such as compassion, teamwork, gratitude and respect were also inculcated to them during faith-based and value formation lessons conducted daily. In addition, children gained confidence in themselves as they practised self-help skills like putting on their shoes and feeding themselves, play and work together.


At Marymount Preschool, a team of competent school leaders and dedicated teachers, work together with our supportive parents to impart the knowledge, skills, and inculcate moral values in our curious little learners.


Written by: Mrs Ng(PG)