Like previous years, our playgroup teachers worked with three golden rules to help the children settle in – routines, engaging and to communication.


Routines reinforced good and healthy habits and provided a safe, clean and a joyful environment for the children.


Engaging the children through meaningful and fun filled activities and two-way communication between children and teachers provided a focus for children to momentarily forget that they were in school.


Communication with parents helped the teachers to understand the behaviour and habits of their child, their likes and dislikes. Advices were provided for parents on how they could help their children settle quickly at school, such as communicating the positive aspects of school and mentioning their teacher’s and peers’ names to increase familiarity.


For the child to get used to the school routines, we advised the parents to send the child for a half day programme for 1 or 2 days and then slowly transit to full day. Practicing this method has worked for many children as they were able to transit to full day programme with ease.


With the help of our playgroup parents, our playgroup children have quickly settled in and are enjoying themselves with the wide range of activities that the teachers have planned for them.


Written by: Mrs Christina Ng (PG Teacher)