2020 has been an enriching experience for Marymount Preschool’s Playgroup students. Students started school feeling insecure and unable to express themselves verbally. Their fine and gross motor skills were not fully developed and most had short attention span.


In Term 2, three weeks in school, the students were introduced to the theme “Shopping Mall” through the six learning areas – Language and Literacy, Numeracy, Discovery of The World, Social and Emotional Development, Motor Skill Development and Aesthetic and Creative Expression. They also experienced outdoor play, values and self-help skills education. Unfortunately, their time in school was disrupted when circuit breaker was announced.


Despite, students continued their learning during circuit breaker via Zoom Home-Based Learning for English and Mandarin lessons, which included storytelling, letters of the Alphabet, art and craft as well as music and movement for almost two months. Thank God! Finally the students could finally return back to school in June!


In Term 3 they were introduced to the theme “The Restaurant” integrating the six learning areas. They also learnt about Covid-19 and safety precautions to adhere, including washing of hands, wearing of mask and eating healthily through picture talks, stories and songs.


The students are currently learning a new theme for Term 4 – “The Beach”.


It has been a tough and exciting journey for the playgroup students as they adapt to the repercussions of Covid-19. However, over the months, students have become more independent in their self-help skills and more proficient in motor skills like walking, running, zipping, threading and buttoning. They are also able to talk about the different themes, express their likes and dislikes, and rote count from 1 to 3. Not forgetting, students can also confidently express themselves through different art tools and materials, as well as through dance and musical instruments!


Certainly they have grown in size too and have shown improvement in all the learning domains.

Written by: Mrs Christina Ng (PG Teacher)