How time flies, we have now come to the end of this school year’s term 3.

It has been a busy and purposeful term 3 for our K1 children. This term we embarked on our water project journey; an initiative by the PUB, the National Water Agency to engage preschool children in understanding and supporting the “water cause”.

Our K1 children actively participated in the carefully selected water-related topics curated to address their learning interest throughout this term. They had fun and  exciting activities through stories, videos, songs, role-plays and hands-on activities
to supplement their ongoing learning on the essential use of water in our daily lives, the three states or forms of water, Singapore’s four national taps, basic water saving tips, and the water cycle. All these fun-filled activities have kept our children’s interest high week after week.

We were not able to go for our field trip to visit the Singapore NeWater Center due to the current Covid-19 situation but we managed to substitute this activity with videos and photos to help the children understand better visually the treatment/recycling  of used water through updated technology, before this is channeled back for distribution into our homes as safe tap/drinking water again.

We ended our term 3 water project with a parent & child activity kit where the children took on the role as the save-water ambassador to remind family members to conserve water. The children did a show-and-tell session to share on what they have done to ensure saving water at home.

We are very encouraged to see how the children learnt and applied their learnings to their daily lives. As we continue to explore more water-related topics in term 4 such as water filtration, pollution, energy, and water density, be on the look-out and help to assist your child’s additional queries about water.

Remember to make every drop count, every contribution matters, no matter how big or small.

Written by: Mrs Patricia Ong (K1 Teacher)