Marymount Kindergarten places great emphasis in providing learning opportunities for the children to develop holistically by exposing them to different themes every term. It provides an excellent platform for the children to learn essential skills, values and attitudes. In Term 3 the theme was ‘Uniquely Singapore’, the K1 children indulged in an experiential and interesting project.

The children focused on the three most interesting tourist places in Singapore, namely the Singapore Zoological Garden, Jurong Bird Park and Sea Aquarium.  Each K1class was assigned one tourist attraction so as to help them focus their attention on their chosen tourist attraction and learn as much about it as they can. Each child was tasked to prepare a 3D craftwork of the zoo animals, birds and sea creatures during the June holiday. They presented their craftwork during the Show and Tell presentation. They also sang the Zoo, Bird Park and Underwater World songs during their presentation day. They designed their own entrance tickets and acted out different roles such as presenters, ticket sellers, ticket collectors, ushers and tour guides. The children took turns to visit other classes’ presentations. The children also planned a group craft work of the local food which was displayed in each class for the ‘tourists’ to view during the show and tell presentation.

Overall, the Uniquely Singapore project enhanced the children cognitive ability, expressive communication and also developed their motor skills. The children had an enriching experience. The takeaways of the activities include the importance of teamwork and care for the environment as they used recycled materials to make all the crafts for the Uniquely Singapore Project.

Written By: Mrs Prema