On 21st of July of every year, Singapore celebrates Racial Harmony Day to remind us that we must maintain racial and religious harmony. The children in Marymount Kindergarten celebrated the event on 24th July 2019. The children learnt about the different races in Singapore during the Assembly and they were exposed to the different cultures of the various races. The children also wore different ethnic costumes and some of them were even called in front of the stage to showcase their costumes to the whole school! To cap off the assembly, the children sang the Chinese song 朋友我的朋友(My Friends) in which everyone held their friends’ hands and sang happily together!

In class, the children shared about their ethnic costumes. They were able to understand that different races have their own costumes and beliefs in which we must respect in order to remain harmonious.  The children brought different food that represented the different races. The foods and drinks were shared during their snack time. The children expressed their gratitude by saying “Thank you” to their friends whom shared their food. It was a meaningful and enjoyable day for the children at Marymount Kindergarten.

Written by: Ms Jessica

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