The weekend of 5-6 July this year will forever be etched in the minds of the 99 participants who attended the K2 Camp: Amazing Race, jointly organised by the Kindergarten and Masterhand. The two-day one-night camp, held at East Coast Park and at the kindergarten premises, was a much-anticipated activity for K2 children. The objectives of the camp were to instil leadership qualities and harness the value of independence, sharing, caring and cooperation among participants.

Upon arrival, the children were immediately whisked off to their classroom for breakfast and divided into batches A and B to compete in the amazing race. My group was assigned to batch B and we attended the leadership and team building talk conducted in the hall before heading off to East Coast Park for the race. Captain Long John Silver was hilarious and engaging with activities that guided the children to be leaders and worked to achieve as a team.

At the East Coast Park, the children were treated to a scrumptious bento lunch to store up energy for the mentally and physically challenging amazing race. The children learnt their group cheer to boost their camaraderie spirit. They navigated using a map to complete all activities in five different stations. At each station they read and followed the rules, strategies and communicated to complete the activity and earned a medallion. The children enjoyed the water carrier game where they passed the water using a cup down a line to fill a bottle to its marked level. Unfortunately, some of the cups were perforated with holes to make the game challenging. The children thought of ways to pass the water quickly with less spillage by plugging the holes with their fingers or palm. They stayed focused and cheered for each other to complete the course. The last station where every group raced to the finish line using a paper wheel was intense. This has enhanced their team cooperation by walking in unison to reach the finish line fast. Through all these activities, they learnt to cooperate, share and give moral support to each other.

Back at Marymount Kindergarten, an array of exciting activities awaited them. The children had their refreshing shower, decorated a photo frame, baked muffins, ate dinner and participated in the campfire before hitting the sack for a good night sleep.

The second day of the camp started off with a DIY sandwich making breakfast. Then the children went on to the other group activities. They had fun playing various team building games such as broken message where they passed a secret message down the line by drawing on their whiteboards. The camp concluded where all the children gathered in the hall and did a mass workout and sang some songs and ended with a closing prayer by Sister Eugene. We were all grateful for the time spent together and have enjoyed each other’s company throughout the two-day one-night camp. Cheers!

Written by: Mrs Ong