The theme for Term 2 is people in the neighborhood.  Apart from the four major ethnic groups, the children were also introduced to the various occupations.  They learnt about the various people who were responsible for making Singapore a safe and healthy place to live in.   The teachers wanted to enhance the children’s knowledge.  Thus, they invited two parents who were working in the health care industry and the police who are responsible for their safety.  The children looked forward to these talks especially since two speakers had children in K1.

Doctor’s Talk

Our first parent speaker, was Dr Yuan.  Dr Yuan is an anesthesiologist.  She came in wearing her white coat and stethoscope and started the talk by asking the children whether they had visited a doctor before. She assured the children that going to the doctor is not a scary experience as the doctor is there to make them feel better.

Dr Yuan shared about the roles and duties of a doctor.  She also shared that there were different types of doctors; like surgeons and pediatricians.  To make the talk more interesting for the children, Dr Yuan brought along Ashley, their family bear and some tools like the stethoscope and syringe.  The children got excited when Dr Yuan presented them with the stethoscope and asked them to listen to Ashley’s ‘heartbeat’.  They even gave Ashley an injection!

Dr Yuan also invited some children to listen to their heartbeats with the aid of the stethoscope.  She also demonstrated the correct way of putting on the stethoscope. Dr Yuan also got them to listen to their lungs.  Dr Yuan also told the children that the heartbeats vary; the baby’s heart beats very fast while the adult’s heart beats at a slower rate.   The children were thrilled as they got to listen to their own heartbeats and lungs.

Dr Yuan also emphasized to the children on eating well and exercising.  They were very eager to share what they had learnt when they returned back to class.  Dr Yuan’s talk was very informative for the children and they enjoyed her talk immensely.


Vet Talk

Our second speaker was Dr Prithiba, a veterinarian.  Dr Prithiba brought many models and these got the children excited.  It was not everyday that one got to meet a veterinarian!  Dr Prithiba showed slides of different animals and the common ailments suffered by them.  She also showed pictures of how certain animals should be handled while undergoing examinations by the vet.  The children were surprised to see a tiger and a horse having their x-rays done.  Dr Prithiba explained that they had to sedate the tiger in order to get the x-ray done.

Dr Prithiba also demonstrated the proper way to clean the dog’s ear using a long cotton bud and the two- sided dog ear anatomical model.  She then invited the children to try their hand at cleaning the dog’s ears.  The children were most captivated when they saw a ‘bug’ on the animal’s fur.

Dr Prithiba also shared that some animals like cats and dogs give birth to many babies at one time, the wild cats about two while animals like horses and elephants only give birth to one young at a time.  The children were also mesmerized by the colourful books that she shared with them.  Dr Prithiba ended her talk by saying that we must love and take care of our pets.  The children enjoyed their time with Dr Prithiba as they were still talking about the models and the tiger when they reached their classrooms!


Police Talk

Officer Nirzuan and Officer Joel came on 24th May for the next talk.  They children waited eagerly for their arrival.  The children were very excited when they saw the police officers. The police officers did a powerpoint presentation showing the various tools used by the police officers.  The children were most excited when they saw a picture of a gun and a taser, especially when they realized that the taser could stun the victim for five seconds.   The officers also demonstrated the correct way to apprehend the culprits with handcuffs.  Our children shared that the reason the culprits had their hands handcuffed behind them was to prevent them from escaping!  Officer Nirzuan commented that our children were very well-informed.


The two officers also gave a few scenarios on the Power point slides for the children to describe. They also said that stealing and bullying were bad deeds.  One child shared that her parents told her that young children would not be sent to jail.  The officers informed them that there were children’s homes for young offenders.   After the talk, the children had the opportunity to take a look at the police car. The police officers informed them that there were four cameras in a police car.  They also turned on the siren for the children to hear. It was an experience for the children to get a good view of the police car.  One of the children shared that the police officers sat in the front seats while the bad guys will sit at the back!

It was definitely an enriching experience for the children and the teachers to learn more about these professions. We would like to express our gratitude to Dr, Yuan, Dr. Prithiba and Officers Nirzuan and Joel for taking the time and effort to enrich the learning journey of our K1 children.

Written By:

Mrs Shanthi (K1 teacher)

K1 talk