On Friday 4th April 2019 the K2 children went to Marymount Convent Primary School. They had the opportunity to experience school life at MCPS. Their visit was more interesting because the school organised and celebrated “International Friendship Day”.

Upon arrival, the children were welcomed by MCPS teachers headed by Mrs. May Toh. She is the Head of the Lower Primary Department. She gave some instructions to the MKG children and brought them around the campus. The K2 children were assisted by a group of Primary 6 children as their buddies during the visit. They took care of our K2 children and brought them around the school where booths that represented the various ASEAN countries (Thailand, Vietnam, India, Philippines, Cambodia, Indonesia, Japan, Australia, Arabia, South Korea and Malaysia) were featured. There were different activities, cultural games and mini documentaries about the cultural practices of the featured countries. To capture memories of the day, a photo booth was made available to participants who got to dress up in traditional costumes like the Malay Sarong, Korean Hanbok and Japanese Kimono for a fun-filled photo opportunity. Certainly, our K2 children did not miss their chance.

The K2 children from the afternoon class had a different programme. They had a shared reading session with the P1 children at the library headed by Mrs Tan, a Primary1 teacher from MCPS. The K2 children were amazed at how the Primary school library looks like. They listened attentively to story and participated in the discussion. After the reading session, the children went to the school playground and gymnasium, the Primary 1 classroom and the school garden.

The children were exuberant about the canteen experience.

After the tour, when asked if they were scared of going to primary school, many of the K2s unanimously said “No!” Their response to whether they were looking forward to primary school was a resounding and unanimous “yes”.

Written By:  Ms Lyn

Visit to MCPS-min