The topic for the weekly assembly on 13th February 2019 was on Fire Prevention. The children were asked whether they understood the word ‘Prevention”. A child mentioned “to stop fire”. The children were then shown a video with different scenarios of children who did not realize that their actions of playing with fire or candles could endanger their lives.

The children also learnt a valuable lesson through the video. They learnt that if their clothes were caught on fire, they should remember three simple steps: STOP, DROP and ROLL and also to remember the Singapore Civil Defense Force number, 995.

After which, the teachers activated the fire alarm bell for the children to hear.  The children were told that a fire drill is a practice of the emergency procedures to be used in case a fire broke out in the building. The teachers also shared with the children the fire evacuation escape routes for each level. Children were also reminded to follow their teachers during the fire drill and not to wander off on their own. They were also told not to carry their belongings during the fire drill.

The teachers concluded the assembly talk by letting the children  recalled  the three simple steps and the important number to call in case of fire. Fire prevention is important and everyone has a huge part to play in it. Keep away from fire!

Written by: Ms Siti


fire prevention ppt 1 Mar 2019