‘Save Water, Save Lives’

The K1 children had a new and exciting project this year. A project that enabled children to have authentic learning and enhanced their awareness on the environment. This project focused on water conservation, with the theme ‘Save Water, Save Lives’. This was a response to the call on the mission of the Good Shepherd Sisters ‘Environmental Awareness.’ The project started in term 3 and had its culminating activity in term 4 (2nd Semester). The children were engaged in different activities to know the importance of water for humans, animals and plants. They also learnt different ways on how to save water and be ambassadors of water conservation.

The first phase of the project was for the children to know the importance of water for all living things (mankind, animals and plants). They watched ‘Water Wally Videos’ (from PUB) and the ‘Singapore Water Story’. They had also known the 4 taps or sources of water in Singapore. Moreover, the children learnt the 5 tips in saving water as part of the PUB’s Water Saving Tips. They also did the ‘5 Minute Shower’ wherein they can save water by having their daily showers for only 5 minutes or less. In addition, the children had experiments about the Water Cycle.

The second phase of the project focused on the different ways on how the children can save water. They practiced washing hands properly and not playing with the sensor taps to avoid wastage of water. The children also had a ‘Toy Washing Day.’ They washed their classroom toys and used the water for flushing toilets and cleaning the playground. They also shared in class how they can save water at home. Furthermore, the children had an exciting learning journey at the ‘NEWater Visitor Centre.’ In there, the children had the opportunity to know how the Singapore water is recycled. They also did a hands-on activity in making a ‘rain garden plant.’ The field trip was indeed an enriching activity for the children to learn how Singapore recycles water as one of the means of water conservation.

The third and last phase of the project emphasized on promoting and inviting children, teachers and parents in the kindergarten to join in the project of saving water. During the K1 Sports Day, parents and teachers did a ‘Water Pledge’, wherein they chose activities that they will do in order to save water. Lastly, the children acted as ambassadors as they made slogans and mini-posters that stresses on saving water. The children had a ‘Water Parade’ in the kindergarten. The children walked around the school as they held on to their slogans and min-posters. They also went in to some of the classrooms to give a simple message to the other children on water conservation. The parade was really an enjoyable activity for the children and teachers a well.

The innovation project was certainly an enjoyable and educational project for the children. It was something that they were able to understand and practice wherever they go. It is an issue that concerns the people, the environment and the world they live in. They have learnt that they should be conscious of their actions… for what they do can affect other people and their surroundings.

Written by: Ms Jennylyn