This year’s annual K2 camp was very different from previous years. We had our stay-in camp at Boys’ Town Adventure Centre. Unlike previous years where we would sleep in the school hall, we had to get used to the idea of sleeping at Boys’ Town. Presumably, many parents were anxious with regards to this arrangement and we had a pre-camp briefing for the parents with the instructors and facilitators from Boys Town.

The air was filled with excitement. The children came to school with their sleeping bags & luggage. You could see the wide grins on their faces – they all knew they were about to spend two days with their friends away from their parents.

The first morning at the Boys’ Town Centre started with some ice breaker games and then the theme for the camp was introduced to the children. Some of them were MKG values – COMPASSION, GRATITUDE AND TEAMWORK! Based on these themes, the children designed a flag.

There were four different games all lined up for the children of each class to participate in. They were Rock Climbing, Sherpa Obstacle, Defend the Castle and Electric Hoop. The children had so much fun with these games and most of them did not feel tired at all.

More importantly, at the end of this camp, the children learnt the meaning of teamwork, gratitude and compassion.

By: Mrs Betty Choong


K2 Camp - 29-30 June 2018