Understanding and supporting our young preschoolers with their natural yearning for physical activity will help and lead them to a lifetime of happy and healthy living.  To introduce healthy exercise from the early stages of their development, is to give them a gift that will endure throughout their lives.

Our Pre-Nursery classes started their Gym lessons this second term of the year.  The instructors started the lesson with a warm up session.  Next, they explained and demonstrated the different activities such as crawling through the tunnel, climbing up, down, over, around the wedges and walking on the balancing beam.

The children were very excited and enjoyed the different activities. They have to learn to listen and wait for their names to be called.  The instructors assisted the children through exciting and challenging activities which lead to motor and sensory skill development.

Gymnastics helps and teaches children to listen and follow directions and instructions, share and take turns. It provides a wonderful opportunity for young children to release their boundless energy. It also helps them to gain better body control and enhance the child’s physical fitness.

Most importantly, gymnastics develops children’s self-esteem and confidence, their ability to overcome challenging situations and simply to enjoy a better, sunnier outlook in life.

Pre N - Gymnastics

Written by: Mrs Goh (Pre-N Teacher)