As part of the K2 curriculum  theme in Term 2, the school has organized a one day tour to Johor Bahru in Malaysia. The tour package was inclusive of the following: Kampong Tour, Visits to the Desaru Ostrich Farm, and the Desaru Fruit Farm. The day trip aimed to let the children have a first-hand feel of Malaysia’s culture and encourage an appreciation for it.


On the morning of 4th May, the participating parents, children, and teachers arrived promptly at the grounds of the Good Shepherd Place. The Marymount Kindergarten group was joined by the participants from Good Shepherd Convent Kindergarten. There were two coaches which seated a total of 46 participating children and 47 accompanying adults, including the teachers.


After the clearance at the immigration in Singapore and Malaysia, the participants were joined by two tour guides, one for each coach. They first stopped over at Ah Koong Restaurant for breakfast. Thereafter, they proceeded to Balairaya Kampung Sinaran Baru, where the group was split into two groups to do the tour of the place. The children played in an old wooden house which was a few metres above the ground. It had large windows which was delightful to the children as they were able to play hide-and-seek with their parents. There was a small farm nearby which has mulberry trees, rubber trees, jackfruits, and other fruit-bearing plants such as, ladyfingers. There was also a shelter for stingless bees which allowed the farmers to collect honey regularly. Part of this tour allowed the children to scrape the bark of a rubber tree, dig the ground, plant tapioca twigs, feed tilapia, and some goats, and see and hear the cows as they make loud mooing sounds in the shed. Before this tour was over, the farmer who attended to the group, shared how organic mushrooms were grown.

When the kampong tour was done, the group made its way to Sungei Ringgit for a hearty 8-course lunch at Jade Garden Seafood Corner inside J.G. Resort. The children had a blast seeing the baby lobsters in the aquarium on one side of the restaurant.

After everyone was full, the group went to the Desaru Ostrich Farm. Apart from the talk about how the ostriches are cared for and the demonstration how strong an ostrich egg is, the children were given a chance to ride on an ostrich. They got a souvenir photo at the end of the visit. The farm had a shop that sold food, drinks, displays, souvenirs, and hollow ostrich eggs. The parents and children did some shopping while waiting for the ostrich egg omelette to be ready for tasting. Although the weather was extremely hot, the children were full of energy as they left the ostrich farm and made our way to the Desaru Fruit Farm.

The group was met by two in-house guides who briefed the parents and children in both coaches, before letting them go down to see the different fruit-bearing trees in the farm. The group walked with the guides and made several stops to hear the guides share about the different fruits grown there. The parents and children enjoyed the chilled fresh juices sold at the farm. Before the tour ended, one of the guides briefly promoted the benefits of honey and let the parents and children try the honey. Each pair of participants (parent and child) was handed a fruit box at the end of the tour. While waiting for those who did their shopping at the farm’s shop, the others ate the sliced fruits in the box. These fruits were grown from their own fruit farm,

Tired but enriched after a day’s tour, the participants made their way back to Singapore. The happy faces, the bags of goods for their loved ones waiting back home, the encouraging words spoken to one another, the noisy but pleasant chatters of the little ones, and the cheerful goodbyes exchanged before going home, brought a close to this fruitful tour. When the children were asked if they enjoyed their trip and if they would be willing to go back to Malaysia, their unified response was a booming, “Yes!”

JB Trip photos 4 May 2018

Written by: Ms Eden J (K2 Teacher)