A few months back, Marymount Kindergarten (MKG) received an invitation to visit Marymount Convent School (MCS). After several correspondences between the two schools, the visit was finally confirmed. On 17 April 2018, the K2 children from Marymount Kindergarten set off to visit Marymount Convent

The children were warmly welcomed by the Year Head of the Lower Primary, Mrs May Toh, and her colleagues. The MCS students were also accommodating. They were delighted to see the K2 children. They cheerfully waved to the K2 children and happily exchanged greetings with them.

The K2 children were given a chance to use money to buy their own food at the school canteen. It was definitely a learning experience for them. Once their tummies where filled with tasty food, the children were led to the hall where they met and greeted the Primary 4 children. After the rules were laid out and the introductions were done, the magic happened. The K2 children and the Primary 4 students were engaged in meaningful conversations and immersed in creative art activities for half an hour. The children were given the opportunity to work on the following: Fish Folding Card, Ice Cream Stick Bookmark, and Surprise Creature. The three activities were spread out in six booths. Thus, giving the children enough room to roam and create. They brought home their works of art.

The visit also allowed the children to tour the school. They went to the library, indoor sports hall, gymnastics hall, and the classrooms. The children received their gifts from MCS. It was a lovely bag bearing the saying of St Mary Euphrasia, “One person is of more value than the whole world.”

To cap the visit, the K2 children were asked whether they enjoyed their visit, to which they responded with a resounding, “Yes!” The children and staff from MCS and MKG thanked each other for a wonderful experience. Everyone went home with a big smile on their faces.

K2 Visit to MCS 17042018 photos

Written by: Ms Eden