Marymount Kindergarten organised a session on Saturday, 3rd of March 2018, for parents to attend a briefing on the K2 curriculum at the main hall of the school. The talk was prepared to let the parents understand the school’s curriculum better and for them to get a clearer picture of how the different learning areas can benefit their children as they transit to Primary 1. Our principal, Ms Marie Rose Ng, welcomed the parents, teachers and the guest speaker, Mr Wilbur Wong, principal of Monfort Junior School.

A video of a typical day in school was shown to the parents while waiting for the programme to start. After the opening prayer and welcome remarks by Ms Ng, the K2 English teachers, Ms Eden, Mrs Choong, Ms Ting Ting and Mrs Prema described the six different learning areas (Language and Literacy, Numeracy, Aesthetics and Creative Expression, Motor Skills, Social and Emotional and Discovery Skills) and how these are integrated to ensure the children’s progress. The K2 Chinese teachers, Zhang Lao Shi, Tang Lao Shi, Yao Lao Shi, Yang Lao Shi and Wang Lao Shi elaborated on the four learning areas for the Chinese Language (reading, writing, listening and speaking skills). They described how the Chinese language programme can prepare the children in the transition to primary school. Comparisons between the Kindergarten and Primary 1 curricula were shown to the parents for both the English and Chinese programmes. This was helpful in putting the parents’ mind at ease.

Our guest speaker, Mr Wilbur Wong first showed a video of a typical day at Montfort Junior School. He then gave clear and concise guidelines on how parents could support and guide their children in their transition to Primary 1. He highlighted some crucial skills the children should learn when they transit to primary school. He mentioned that the children must develop independence, confidence, as well as be able to express his / her needs and wants. He gave some examples of how these skills can be useful. He said that children must not afraid be afraid to ask or clarify things when in doubt and they must be confident when handling money such as when buying food from the canteen or stationeries from the bookshop. The parents should start teaching their children to buy and pay for their own food so they learn how to count money and check if they have received the correct change. Mr Wong also shared with parents about the timeline of the different phases for the Primary 1 Registration Exercise. He emphasized the essential dos and don’ts that parents should take note when choosing suitable primary schools for their children.

The K2 curriculum briefing ended at 12.15pm. The parents and teachers had a very enriching and fruitful sharing session.

Newletter K 2 Powerpoint 5 March 2018

Written by: Mrs Prema