Marymount Kindergarten conducted a “Fire Prevention” talk to highlight to the children the importance of the things we can do to prevent fire and what we should do in case there is a fire. Every year thousands of fires hurt people and damage properties around the world.

A video was shown to the children about what will happen if we play with fire. In case of a fire, we should call 995 and if ever our clothes catch fire, we should STOP, DROP and ROLL.

Always remember what our friendly neighbourhood fire-fighting super hero, FiDrant told us; “Playing with fire is dangerous! And you (the children) can do your part to prevent fires by never playing with matches, lighters, and other fire sources. Also stay away from fireplaces, candles, and stoves.”

The teachers continue to talk about the fire drill and the different fire exits around the school. For the PN and Nursery, the route is at EXIT A, the main door near the office. For K1, the children will need to use staircase 1 and EXIT B, near the elevator. The K2 children will need to use staircase 2 and EXIT C, near the pool. All should proceed to the Assembly Area which is the parking lot beside the main hall. Should there be a fire near the office or the main entrance, there is also an alternate route EXIT D, located behind the swimming area which will lead to the carpark outside the school. The staff and children will assemble at the basket ball court.

Fire drills are a big part of being safe in school and it will help us be prepared in case of emergency. The school will conduct fire drills every term for the staff and children to be well prepared. BE PREPARED AND STAY SAFE!

Fire Prevention Talk - Photo's

By Ms Ces ( Nursery Teacher )