Hari Raya Assembly

The Malay Muslims celebrated their Hari Raya Puasa festival on 27th June 2017. Ms Siti shared with the teachers and the children on the Malay culture during the school assembly. She explained to the children that before the festival, they had to fast for one whole month called Ramadan. She added that the Muslims are expected to refrain themselves from eating or drinking from sunrise to sunset during this month.

The children also learnt that during the fasting month, they are reminded of the people who are less fortunate such as people who experienced shortage of food and water. They can help to do their part by helping them through donation of food or clothes. Ms Siti showed them a video at Geylang Serai, a place where many people will go to to purchase their things to prepare for the festival. She also showed pictures of the Malay traditional costumes and how the festival was being celebrated. The assembly ended with a “Hari Raya” song led by Ms Lok.

We hope that the children has a better understanding of the Malay culture and we wish all those celebrating a ‘Selamat Hari Raya!”.