Health Promotion Board
Playtime with H-Team on Friday 10 February 2017

3 K2 classes in the morning session had fun and interactive time with the H – Team from the Health Promotion Board.
The children were taught the necessary day-to-day basics such as keeping proper hygiene by washing and scrubbing their hands. They were advised to be active and not to spend too much time on their computer games or watching television. They need to go play outdoors always and this will help them to have good eyesight. They were also taught the most efficient way to brush their teeth, as well as maintaining a balanced diet which consists of fruits, vegetables, proteins and carbohydrates.
Children were also taught how to control their emotions. Should they be angry, they are to take a deep breath and then say ‘It’s Ok.’ There was a big board game and a huge dice for children to play and learn all about the different emotions.
What was really interactive and most interesting were the life-size props that were positioned in the Hall for all children to participate. The setups were done to best represent real-life situations to reinforce their learning as well as to prepare them when the need arises for them to look after themselves.