Creative Parenting Talk
The K1 and K2 parents were invited to attend a parenting talk on ‘Parent’s Role and Child Discipline.’ The talk was held 11th of February, 2017, Saturday. Mr Kwok Chow Thim, a parent of two children and an entrepreneur was the guest speaker. Mr Kwok discussed essential factors in disciplining children. He started with the ‘Role of Parents’. He differentiated the old practices how most of the parents raised their children before with the contemporary ways. He also discussed the things that parents must consider when giving rules, rewards and being the model to their children.
Mr Kwok gave a different perspective on the word ‘Discipline’. He pointed out that discipline must help the child develop self-control, so as not to cause inconvenience to others and for self-advancement. In addition, Mr Kwok mentioned different ways of disciplining children. He shared personal experiences as a parent and some through observations.
One of the parents’ concerns nowadays is whether they should allow their child to play computer games. Mr Kwok also shared some tips on how computer games can be an educational tool for children. He also said that parents must scrutinize the games first and guide the child in using the computer. Mr Kwok ended the talk giving parents a reminder that when disciplining children…
Parents should … avoid anger, be calm, be patient and spend time with them.
The parenting talk was an enriching activity for parents and teachers as well.