Orange Day
The United Nations Unite to End Violence against women and girls, proclaimed the 25th of each month as the ‘Orange Day’. It is a day to raise awareness and to take action against violence that victimised women and girls. The bright and optimistic orange colour, represents a future free from violence.

Marymount Kindergarten also proclaimed 25th October 2016 as the ‘Orange Day’ to educate children and raise awareness about the violence against women and children. The teachers were dressed in orange that day. A beautiful orange flower was given to each child and teacher. It was pasted on his/her shirt or blouse. The teachers explained the significance of the Orange Day campaign to the children in their classes. Each child was given a cup of orange jelly and postcard to share what he/she has learnt with the parents and friends. They learnt the importance of breaking the silence when they witness violence against women and girls.

orange day 1

orange day 2