Our Term 3 theme was on “Wild Animals”. Based on this theme, a visit to the Singapore Zoo was arranged.

The field trip to the zoo exposed children to observe the various animals’ features, habitats and the food they consume. It was a reinforcement of what they have learnt in the classroom. Children were taken for a walk to look at the animals.

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During the walk, they watched Orang-utan’s swinging on the trees, lions having their meals, leopards sleeping on top of the tree, polar bears swimming in the icy cold water, crocodiles lazing along the river banks and tigers walking in the enclosure. Children enjoyed watching the giraffes being fed with carrots.

Over at the Fragile Forest, the children were very excited to see ring-tailed lemur, mouse deer, sloths and flying foxes too. As the children go on their tram ride, they got to look at the different types of animals with excitement. The children ended their trip with a yummy lunch at KFC before heading back to school.
It was an enjoyable learning trip for children.

From the Nursery Teachers