K2 Camp 2017
This year’s K2 Camp was recently concluded and as it has been in previous years, it was quite an experience for the graduating class. In the morning of 30 June, Marymount Kindergarten was flooded with colourful bags, luggage, and sleeping bags. The K2 children were accompanied by their parents who took photos of them with their friends, and gave their children last minute reminders coupled with tight hugs and kisses.
One of the highlights in this year’s Camp was the trip to Kidzania. Most of the children were able to participate in 6- 7 activities or stations. This experience helped the children to learn independence, develop creativity, and improve social skills. It also gave them an opportunity to practise their problem-solving skills, as well as time and money management.
Another exciting activity for the children was the campfire. Though it was a mock campfire, it showcased the teachers’ ingenuity which caught the children’s attention. They were in awe at the sight of the ‘bonfire’ set up on the stage of the hall. The children went wild with the songs and dances, and they had a grand time taking part in the games prepared for them.
Other fun activities during the camp were the photo-frame making, preparing of their own breakfast, and the team building games. Behind all the fun, the children developed values which would guide them in their journey to maturity. Without them realizing it, the children displayed cooperation, responsibility, creativity, independence, and concern for others.
The K2 children may have stayed only for a night, but the memories and bond they made would last even after they leave the Kindergarten. The whole-hearted laughter and smiles on the children’s faces confirm that something wonderful happened. If success can be measured by the joy of the children, then this Camp was definitely a success!