Toa Payoh Neighbourhood Police

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In line with their learning theme on ‘Occupations’, the K1 teachers invited the police officers from the Toa Payoh Neighbourhood Police Force to give a talk and demonstration to the children. From the way the children asked questions and gave their answers, we could tell that they were totally exhilarated by the appearance of the men and woman in white and blue uniforms.

The children even got the chance to sit in the patrol car and have hands-on experiences with the different tools such as the handcuffs, walkie-talkie and T-baton. It was really an eye opener experience for most of the children. They were even taught on how to react when approached by strangers and keep themselves safe at all times. Thank you, officers in blue.

Parent Doctor

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In addition, the morning session K1 children were very lucky to have another special visitor. She is a doctor, a parent from one of the K1 classes. She took time off from her work to give a talk to the children on the proper way of washing their hands and other good hygiene habits.

Prepared by the K1 Team