This year, the K2 children are a privileged lot.  They are the first group of children to sleep over in the new school.  The day has come, 8 August when 102 children reported for the overnight camp in the new campus.  Lagged with luggage and sleeping bags of various sizes, parents were anxious when sending their children to school that day.  Most children would be experiencing their first-ever sleepover away from the comfort of home.
The camp started off with a trip to Explorer Kid at Downtown East.  Children were thrilled with the various play stations and art and craft activity.  They had a great time bonding with peers and teachers.  It was certainly an enjoyable 2 hours they spent.

Returning back in school, the children continued with much fun and excitement. They designed their own photo frame with acrylic painting and make their own ‘wrap and roll’ as snack.  After dinner, the children were invited for a short movie clip on Winnie the Pooh. The highlight of the camp and also the children’s favourite would be the Treasure Hunt activity.  Children were divided into groups to hunt for the ‘treasure’ that were hidden all over the kindergarten – the courtyard, playground, eco-garden and art gallery.  Some areas were so pitched dark that the children needed to use their torchlights to find their way.

What other better ways can we celebrate National Day than to celebrate it with families and friends?  In conjunction with National Day the next morning, 9 August, families and friends were invited for an hour of ‘Dancercise and Singing’.  Many came in red and white to commemorate this special occasion.  Children, teachers and family members had lots of fun singing and dancing to mark the success of the camp and Happy National Day!

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