A philosopher once said, “Change is the only thing that is constant in life” (by Heraclitus). Change is part of life, and thus we must be prepared to face it and the challenges that are brought by that change.

Marymount Kindergarten had a vast change as the school had to transfer to its new location in Toa Payoh. The kindergarten stayed in Thomson for almost 50 years. The management had to make a very important decision to move the kindergarten for the welfare of the children. The big move was a challenging and exciting one. Months of planning on how to make the big move smooth paid off when we saw joy and delight on children’s faces on their first day at the new place. At the start of the term, the management and teachers made sure that the facilities and classrooms were ready. We want the children to feel welcome and enjoy the new place that they can regard as their second home. Indeed, they were filled with awe and excitement as they saw their classrooms with new furnishings and designed for them to enjoy and learn more. They were also delighted with the new toilets having automatic flush and sensor taps for washing hands. They were also excited to use the hall for assemblies and the chapel for Bible assembly every Friday. One month has passed and we can still see on their faces the excitement in watching educational videos on the new and bigger television. Last and definitely not the least, the most awaited is swimming time. Children get to play and swim in the new and bigger pool. The new water features and slide add up to the fun and joy for children to play and explore with their friends and teachers. In addition to that, the new and air conditioned Music Room is also a room of learning opportunity for them. The children adjusted very well in the new place and with the routines. One main adjustment that the children had was eating in a ‘Dining Room’, they go to a common room to have their snack and lunch time. In spite of the changes, teachers can see that the children enjoy their stay in the new kindergarten.  Teachers make sure that every day is a fun filled learning experience for the children.

The big move was not easy, but with the help of the management, Mrs Kew, our principal and support from our colleagues, what seems to be difficult became easy and what looks like impossible became possible with the help of the Almighty One.  Change is inevitable, but change has to happen for the improvement of what we already have and for the welfare of the many. We like to thank the parents for their unending support and trust in us. Thank you for appreciating our efforts in aiding your child’s growing years in Marymount Kindergarten. As we continue our journey in the new place, we will make it a conducive learning environment for every child.