In lieu with our theme “Transportation”, the nursery teachers decided to go on a field trip to Changi Airport on 24th and 25th April 2014. We believe that a school field trip to the Changi Airport would expand students’ knowledge as it builds on classroom learning.

The week before the trip, teachers talked about the air transports and showed pictures of aeroplanes with different airlines logos like Singapore airlines, Thai airlines, Jet airlines etc, that they would be seeing in the airport.

On the day of the trip, children arrived in school and had their morning prayer before boarding the bus. It was a sunny morning to kick off the day. The four nursery classes together with their teachers and with parent volunteers left school at 9.15 am

Upon arrival at Changi airport Terminal 3, we met a Singapore Airlines stewardess. With her gracious permission, we took photographs with her and she was so kind to explain to the children about her occupation as a stewardess. She was very touched by the children’s greetings as they said “Good morning and may God bless you.” The children also met people like the cleaners, police officers and some ground staffs who make various contribution to the  International Airport.

As we explored the different facilities in the airport, the teachers explained to the children the different areas like the arrival and departure halls, baggage claim where the bags are travelled in the foyer for collection. We then took the lift to the viewing gallery and we were lucky to see an aeroplane landing. The children were very excited and shouted with joy. Some could even read the name, shouting “Jet star”. The kids went “Wow….”

Taking a ride on the sky train to Terminal 2 was an awesome experience. We went to  basement 1 to view the MRT train station.  The children were excited to see the train arriving and the commuters were going in and out of the train. We then continued our tour to level 2 , where we were welcomed by staff from Garuda Airlines at the  boarding counter.  They were patient to explain how they check and print the boarding pass and how the luggage were tagged and sent.  We gained much knowledge and thanked them for their sharing and time.

“Mmmmm” it’s time for lunch, we headed off to the MacDonald’s at  Terminal 3 and had our sumptuous kids meal. At about 12.50pm we boarded the bus and headed back to Marymount Kindergarten. We would like to thank the parent volunteers who were of great help taking care of the children.

The Changi airport trip was fun and informative for the children.  It was a great lesson indeed.