We warmly welcome you and your child back to school after the year-end holidays. We hope you have a great time bonding as a family. For those who are new to Marymount Kindergarten, I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to the Marymount family. We thank you for making Marymount Kindergarten a school of your choice. We look forward to an exciting and fruitful term with your child. You may wish to take note of the following information.

First 3 days of school 2014, 2 to 6 Jan 2014
We would like to thank all parents and guardians for the support and cooperation given to us during the first three days when school reopens for all Pre-Nursery and Nursery children.  Your kind understanding has helped us in ensuring that all routines were carried out smoothly.

School hours starting Tuesday, 7 January 2014
Please note the school session will function its normal school hours.
1st session:          8.15am – 11.15am
2nd session:         11.45am – 2.45pm

No parents are allowed in school during school hours.

Arrival and Dismissal Time
Arrival – School gate is opened only after 7.30am (for 1st session) and 11am (for 2nd session).  Please do not send your child to school any earlier. Dismissal – we seek your cooperation to pick your child by 12noon (for 1st session) and 3.15pm (for 2nd session). All our teachers have various duties to attend after dismissal. We also seek your patience and understanding during dismissal time especially in the first 2 weeks of the new term as many children are young and new to the school.  They would be overwhelmed by the crowd waiting at the school entrance for their children. Children who are on the school bus will be dismissed first; followed by those on private transport.

Transport and Parking
If your child is on private transport, please inform your child’s class teacher/s your car licence number and place a label (no smaller than A4 size)  indicating your child’s name and class in BOLD and BLOCK and in black ink and display it on the windscreen when you are fetching your child during dismissal. No parking is allowed alongside the road and the slope outside the kindergarten.  It is reserved for school buses only. You may park your car at the car park at the end of the slope.  For safety reasons, please avoid alighting your child just across the entrance of the kindergarten.

Road Safety
We have been observing that some parents or guardians are making 3-point turn or alighting your child on opposite side of the school gate. This may cause danger to self and others on the road especially during arrival and dismissal time when the traffic outside the kindergarten is heavy. On arrival or dismissal, you may wish to find a parking lot at the car park or follow the car queue to alight/pick your child in front of the kindergarten. This may take you a little more time but it will certainly ensure safety for all parents and children in the kindergarten. Safety for all is our priority!

Name Tag
It is compulsory that name tag be worn EVERYDAY for identification purpose.

Communication Book
All letters from the Principal or Heads of Department will be attached to the communication book.  Please check for letters and write to the class teachers if you have any feedback or information (eg birthday celebration, change in dismissal arrangement, etc) you would like the teachers to note.
Birthday celebration
To encourage healthy eating habits, we seek your cooperation to avoid packing sweets, chocolates and other unhealthy snacks if you are giving out goodie bags to the children.  Stationeries, art and craft materials, books etc would be better choices.
Calendar of events for Term 1
Click here for the calendar.

Email address
If you wish to provide feedback concerning administration or school matters, you may wish to send them to admin@mkg.edu.sg or principal@mkg.edu.sg.

Thank you for your kind understanding and support.  May God bless you and your loved ones.

Yours sincerely

Mrs Fiona Kew