Nursery Sports Day 2016

‘Sports for Fun’ was the theme of the Nursery Sports Day. This much anticipated event took place on 13th August 2016.
The gym instructor came up with the following activities: An ‘egg-roll’ down the cheese cake, walking on the balance beam and then crawling through the ‘tunnel”. The individual class teacher added on to the gym activities.


The day started off with “The March-Past” at 9.00am. The children marched out of their respective classes in an orderly manner waving their shakers. The parents were busy clicking away as they spotted their children. Once in the Main Hall, we sang the National Anthem, followed by English and Chinese songs and a short prayer by Sister Eugene.
Violet class kicked off the first event. Their item was entitled, “Zig-zag balancing”. Amidst loud cheering, the children completed their race by walking sideways on a curved balance beam and then taking a ball and throwing it into a box.

‘A Balancing Act” was the Sunflower class event. After the gym component, they picked up a bean-bag and balanced it on their head. With arms outstretched, they weaved their way around the cones that were lined in a row and dropped the bean-bag into a box.
Orchid class did the ‘Race Walk’. They donned the ‘tiger feet’ and walked to the tune of ‘Eye of the Tiger’. Carnation class did the ‘Fishing Game’ and this item involved a lot of eye and hand co-ordination.

We also held a race for our parents and it was warmly received. Though it looked easy, some of them had a wee bit problem controlling the ball as they had to weave the ball around the cones placed before passing both the ball and hockey stick to the next person. Nevertheless, they had fun. We ended the event for the First Session children with singing and a mass Zumba workout during which parents participated with their children.


When the second session began at 12.30pm, news came that Joseph Schooling had won the first Olympic gold medal for Singapore. Everyone was very excited and happy for Singapore.


The Nursery Sports Day was well received by parents as it enabled them to see how their children’s motor skills were being enhanced through the gym programme. They also saw how their children interacted with their peers. It was not about winning for their children but completing the race to the best of their ability. Not only were the children cheering for their classmates, they were also cheering for their friends in the other classes. They were all winners and the teachers were rewarded with happy children and parents who were proud of their children’s achievements. . Parents also saw how a holistic education benefitted their children – motor-skills, music & movement, spatial awareness and social and emotional development. It was an important milestone in their children’s lives and who knows we might be grooming the next Joseph Schooling!

— webadmin