Maundy Thursday Assembly & Easter Day Celebrations

On the 12th April, our school assembly was about Holy Thursday and Good Friday. The assembly started off with the opening prayer, songs and then Holy Thursday. Mrs Sumathy explained to the children that Holy Thursday is a day before Good Friday. Jesus had his last meal with his disciples. Jesus gave thanks to God and shared the bread and wine. He said to do this in remembrance of Him. Jesus washed the feet of his disciples as an example that we too need to follow Him to be humble and to love one another like Jesus.
12 K2 boys were chosen to represent the disciples and were seated on the chair on the stage. Our acting principal Ms Marie Rose Ng and other teachers took turns to wash the feet of the 12 students and wiped their feet using paper towels. Children were informed that this ritual will take place in the Roman Catholic churches all around the world on Holy Thursday.
Mrs Sumathy, also shared about Good Friday, the day to fast and to abstain from meat, as it is the day that Jesus died on the cross for all of us. Children sang few songs in English and in Mandarin. Ms Margie Low ended the assembly with the closing prayer.

On 17th April, Monday, we had our mass Easter celebration assembly led by Lin Laoshi and Ms Catherine Tan. They showed Youtube video of Jesus risen from the tomb. Lin Laoshi shared with the children that on the third day Jesus rose from the dead and he is in heaven. Children sang few Easter songs in English and in Mandarin. Ms Catherine Tan ended the assembly with a closing prayer.
Children from each level made different types of Easter craft and brought back home happily.