Kindergarten’s Learning Environment

Our Environment

At Marymount Kindergarten, we are proud to provide our children with a caring & nurturing environment. Our teachers show their love, care and concern of each child by treating them with care and respect. We provide them with a sense of security and comfort, where happiness and learning in the fun way are a daily experience for them.

A warm and Christian environment nurtures the souls of our children, hence helping them to love and respect God, self, others and Mother Nature.

Physical Environment

The kindergarten has been specially designed in such a way whereby the children will have plenty of opportunities to explore, investigate and appreciate the beauty and wonder of their natural surroundings. In total, we have three outdoor play areas and a swimming pool to enhance the children’s gross and fine motor skills. In addition, the new physical setup will also enable the children to foster their socio-emotional, cognitive, and physical growth.

Purpose Built Facilities

Swimming Pool:

The swimming pool provides opportunity for the children to develop their self-help skills, social interaction skills as well as their gross motor skills.

Computer Lab:

The computer lab with 22 individual desktops, allows children to have direct interaction with the programmes during lesson time. Each child is provided with a login password.

Classrooms and Music Studio:

All the classrooms are non air-conditioned except the music studio. The classrooms are bright and airy with plenty of natural light.

The Kitchen:

Where breakfast and meals are being prepared and served to the staff and the children. We ensure that healthy foods are served and that the well-being of all is taken care of.