K1 & K2 Parenting Talk

K2 Parents’ Briefing (4 March 2017)
The K2 parents were invited to attend a Parents’ Briefing to know more about our K2 curriculum and how to prepare their children for primary one. Besides sharing from our principal (Mrs Jennifer Teo) and K2 teachers (Mrs Choong, Zhang Laoshi, Zheng Laoshi), we also had two guest speakers from Monfort Junior School- Mr Wilbur Wong (Principal) and Ms Irene Loh (Subject Head, Citizenship and Character Education). The talk started with Mrs Teo introducing our K2 curriculum followed by Mrs Choong focusing on the six learning areas- Language and Literacy, Numeracy, Aesthetics and Creative Expression, Motor Skill Development, Social and Emotional Development and Discovery of the World. A comparison of MKG curriculum with P1 curriculum was shown to parents. The Chinese teachers then went through the curriculum to let parents have a better understanding of how Chinese is being taught in our classrooms. A video of a typical day in school was shown to parents for them to gain an insight of how their child spends the day at Marymount.
Mr Wilbur Wong discussed some of the ways parents can support and help their child to transit to P1. He shared some of the important skills children should have at P1- being independent, not afraid to ask questions, knowing how to buy food from the canteen and receiving the correct change. He also shared with parents on the timeline and different phases for P1 registration. The talk ended with Ms Irene sharing her experience as a mummy of one. She told parents that they should also be mentally ready for the change in P1, not just the child!
It had been a most enriching and meaningful morning for parents as well as teachers!