Parents’ Testimonies

Parent of Lucas Ngoh, Tulip 2

“It started off very rocky – child was crying a lot but he has grown a lot and gotten used to school over this year. He loves his teachers.”

Parent of Celeste Yap, Lily 2

“A very positive and encouraging experience, boosting her confidence and learning abilities.”

Parent of Jun Hao, Carnation 2

“It has been a wonderful experience for him for the past 2 years. I have seen great improvement in him academically and non-academically.”

Parent of Alexis Koh, Orchid 2

“Alexis has shown good progress over the past 1 year. We are very glad that we have made the right choice by choosing Marymount Kindergarten.”

Parent of Christopher Khoo, Peace 1

“A happy and loving environment. He’s a confident child and I think the teachers had a big part to play in this.”

Parent of Kirsten, Joy 1

“Very positive. She enjoys going to school and the curriculum contributes to her development.”

Parent of Chloe, Grace 1

“It’s a joy when she wants to school everyday even on a weekend.”

Parent of Adelle Tan, Grace 1

“Fabulous and enriching. My child will always look back to her preschool years with fond memories.”