K1 World Water Day

K1 World Water Day World Water day is held annually on 22nd March, a day designated by the United Nations to celebrate the importance of water sustainability. In Singapore, World Water Day is celebrated nation-wide to remind people the importance of water in the month of March. Every drop counts, every contribution matters, no matter how big or small. Children of Marymount Kindergarten learnt the importance of saving water during.

Creative Parenting Talk K1 & K2

Creative Parenting Talk The K1 and K2 parents were invited to attend a parenting talk on ‘Parent’s Role and Child Discipline.’ The talk was held 11th of February, 2017, Saturday. Mr Kwok Chow Thim, a parent of two children and an entrepreneur was the guest speaker. Mr Kwok discussed essential factors in disciplining children. He started with the ‘Role of Parents’. He differentiated the old practices how most of the.

Health Promotion Board Session

Health Promotion Board Playtime with H-Team on Friday 10 February 2017 3 K2 classes in the morning session had fun and interactive time with the H – Team from the Health Promotion Board. The children were taught the necessary day-to-day basics such as keeping proper hygiene by washing and scrubbing their hands. They were advised to be active and not to spend too much time on their computer games or.

Marymount Kindergarten Open House

Join us at our Open House to experience for yourself why so many of our parents believe that Marymount Kindergarten is the among the best kindergarten in Singapore for their children. During our Open House, you will have the opportunity to meet our academic leadership team, ask questions about our programmes and tour our school to see our facilities. Places are limited, so please register early. You will discover why.